We believe in people's freedom

People thrive when they can do what they love from their favourite place: Free minds do great things. We saw this first-hand as freelancers and working around the globe on cool stuff. Our team values each individual's talent and at the same time is extremely collaborative, in a way that works the best for each one of us. 


We care a lot about building the best product

The best products are simple, of high-quality and beautiful. The only way technology can help as many people as possible is by being approachable and trusted. Albert is one of the very few tech startups in the UK that is founded by an engineer and a designer, which is a testament to our product DNA. We love building products people love. This shows in the many five-star ratings Albert receives from its users.


We believe people should not be stressed about their finances  

Finances play an important part in everyone's lives. Most financial and accounting products however - designed by financial experts and accountants - alienate people, which is crazy considering you deal with these every day. This must change. Albert aims to make finances accessible, simple and easy to understand. This demands a different way of thinking.