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Then follow the instructions below



Once you’ve received the confirmation email which says you’ve been selected, go to the App Store to download the Starling Bank app. You can also use the button we’ve provided below to do so.


When signing up to the Starling app, on the ‘About You’ form, you’ll be asked for a referral code. It’s vital that you use the following code: ALB3RT17 Then, hit ‘Submit’.


Once you’ve managed to complete Starling’s sign up and open your business bank account with them, please open the app and tap the cog icon at the top right-hand corner of the Starling home screen.


Select the very top option called ‘Account Management’.


Scroll down to find the option which says ‘Use Starling for Business’ and select it.


Follow the instructions and fill in the required details until you reach the page which says “We’re in business” with a button at the bottom that says “Open Albert”.


Follow the instructions on the Albert screens, until you’re fully done and reach a page which says ‘Ready to go’. This means the apps are now connected, so tap ‘Done’.


As a final step, if you want to check if the apps are properly connected, tap the graph icon at the top right-hand corner of the Albert home screen. This will reveal your Overview page, where you should now be able to see your bank balance displayed at the bottom. Please note: until you add some money to your Starkling account, the amount displayed will remain as £0.


You’re done! Hope you enjoy using Open Banking!